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WordPress och Child Themes — Webbmekanikern Wordpress

Vielen Dank schon mal für die Lösungsvorschläge! Alt text associated with images in your WordPress Media Library should appear in the alt text field inside your gallery automatically. If you’re not seeing your alt text auto-populate inside the gallery, or you’re seeing it auto-populate in the wrong gallery field, please reach out to our Support Team for more help. Image Attributes Pro will generate image title, alt text, caption and description right when you upload the image. Fast Bulk Updater Use the bulk updater to clean up existing images on your WordPress website as well. Image alt tag (attribute) is useful because it describes your images and make users easier to find relevant content while searching on Google and other search engines. If you run a WordPress website, you can of course add alt tags manually for each image but if you have a lot of content you will probably want an easy way to automatically set alt attributes at once.

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Proportional image scaling in your responsive web design

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Bilder som text: Om  Alt text eller alternativ text är ett attribut som läggs till i en bildtagg i HTML. Den här texten visas inuti bildbehållaren när bilden inte kan visas. Vi förklarar vad en alt-text är, hur den implementeras och varför det är viktigt att Om du använder WordPress som CMS lägger man till alt-taggen i det kan också kallas “alternative-text” eller i några fall “Image description”.
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Alt wordpress image

Description: Description of an image is short summary.

Nevertheless, below we are going to focus on how the WordPress CMS deals with alt tags, because it can be confusing. There are a couple of ways to add images to a WordPress website. Se hela listan på yoast.com Ich versehe alle Bilder mit Alt-Tags.
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